We value our drivers as much as our customers.
Without them, our lumber doesn’t move.

Call Us

(503) 474-4446

CB Channel 40

We ask that drivers keep non-business chatter to a minimum as we use Channel 40 as our main communication between trucks and forklifts.

Please be ready to give the following information

  • Truck Name
  • Truck Number
  • ECFP Order #
  • Customer PO #

Safety Information / Yard Rules

  • NO SMOKING in yard (this includes INSIDE your truck)
  • HI-VIS attire required in yard (jacket, vest, sweatshirt)
  • NO flip flops or slippers (Safety shoes highly advised)
  • Watch for forklift / truck traffic
  • NO TARPING / UNTARPING IN YARD! click here for map to tarping area
Elk Creek Trucker Rules

Stay Overnight at Gate #5

You are welcome to stay with us. We have room for overnight parking at Gate #5.
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